10 Amazing Dorm Room Wall Decor Ideas to Make Your Roommates Jealous

You probably have a lot of ideas about how you want to decorate it, but you're a little uninterested in things. Your bedroom wall may be one of the most difficult things to decorate because there is so much white space to fill. You get a blank canvas and it's up to you to make it your own.
Whether you are considering a comfortable, comfortable, girly, boho or minimalistic look for your bedroom, this publication has the best ideas to get inspired for your bedroom wall decor.
The idea of ​​a two-storey bedroom wall decor is a little bit of everything. She has some appreciation for history with the poster of the birth of Venus and a sense of joy with stickers of stars and lips.
This gentle beauty is calm with a unique wallpaper to add some characters to the room. Since you can't paint the walls in your bedroom, why not add wallpaper?
It also features a hanging frame for all your favorite memories with friends and family when you feel nostalgic. This bedroom wall decor does a great job of filling up the empty space while you work.
The small shelf makes it ideal for storing water bottle, phone or other small items.
The calendar also helps you stay organized and aware of the tasks and events you will be happening without having to leave your bed for verification. The bedroom idea is simple but very comfortable. The upper bed makes less storage space under the bed and the perfect place to get a hammock!
I had a student friend of the year who did this in her bedroom and made this place ideal for taking a nap after class or relaxing. This bedroom idea will make you feel relaxed at home. It's fairly simple but still very comfortable. I absolutely love the aesthetic of this sleeping room!
This super comfortable bohemian bedroom does a great job of combining warm and neutral tones and brightening things together. It's the perfect look for a comfortable home feel away from home.
Are you trying to do something very simple but still nice? Well, you can't go wrong with the idea of ​​decorating this bedroom wall. Dreamcatchers are a very popular decorative piece that you add to your bedroom along with LED lights. You can't also hang some of your favorite memories on the wall.
Want to do something quickly and easily? Get a huge bulletin board and hang all your favorite memories! You can hang stickers and photos, and maybe throw some sticky notes for your reminders or your favorite quotes. This bedroom wall decor idea does a great job of filling up space on the walls. Again, you can't go wrong with some LEDs to light up your room and make it come alive at night.

(Image Source: themetamorphosis.net)

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