22' "Sweet Dream" Reverse Loft Tiny House on Wheels by Incredible Tiny Homes

This smaller smaller house has an increasingly popular layout with the use of the mezzanine in reverse: the living room is elevated on the mezzanine floor, while the bedroom is on the ground floor.
Sweet Dream has a rustic exterior and interior with unpainted and unpainted natural wood on walls, shelves, furniture and stairs. Although not our absolute favorite (just our honest opinion!), It gives the small house a pleasant and warm feeling inside a cabin! On the main floor, there is a linear kitchen with lots of space for furniture, a gorgeous stainless steel farm sink with a retractable brushed nickel faucet and butcher block shelves! This small house also includes a standard sized bathroom with a composting toilet and shower, the bedroom and a series of storage stairs, which lead to the raised living room with enough head space to walk! This small house weighs around 10,560 pounds and starts at a base price of $ 36,250 USD as in the picture! Check out these wonderful tiny houses.

(Image Source: dreambiglivetinyco.com)

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