30+ Creative and Easy DIY Furniture Hacks

1. Recycled drawers at the tables 

take some old drawers and turn them into luminous tables. See the do-it-yourself instructions. Check out (Source: hometalk.com)

2. Entertainment turned wardrobe for children Wardrobe 

recreates an old tube TV entertainment center in a useful storage solution for your daughter's bedroom. Check out the step-by-step tutorial. Check-Out
(Source: hometalk.com)

3. Do-it-yourself dog food station with storage compartment 

do-it-yourself dog food station with storage box below! Here is a free plan for you. Check out
(Source: addicted2diy.com)

4. Old filing cabinet in a warehouse 

turn a filing cabinet into a creative warehouse to store various tools and household items in your garage. Tutorial, check (Source: tttreasure.com)

5. Do-it-yourself vintage clock table: 

create this vintage clock table with some exhibits on the flea market! Easy and cheap to do and the result is so beautiful for your home. Get the tutorial, take a look
(Source: scavengerchic.com)

6. Blah Bookshelf to Ballards Knockoff: 

add feet and wallpaper to a cheap bookstore! Easy and cheap to redo for your furniture! Check the instructions, check (Source: redouxinteriors.com)

7. Furniture renewal: from the Country a Chic console: 

update old tired drawers in a chic console with a bit of paint and hardware! Totally one afternoon do-it-yourself project! Find out the do-it-yourself instructions. Take a look
(Source: theshabbycreekcottage.com)

8. Old table on a bench 

another do-it-yourself bench project made from the old coffee table. Take a look at the tutorial
(Source: sabbyinsuburbia.blogspot.com)

9. Do-it-yourself pallet coffee table 

another easy and cheap do-it-yourself piece of furniture for your home! Add more rustic charm to your home with this do-it-yourself! See the instructions Take a look (Source: 1001pallets.com)

10. Old headboards on a nice bench: 

look to see how to load a pair of old headboards on a nice bench for your porch. Take a look
(Source: paintedtherapy.blogspot.com)

11. Do-it-yourself bench dresser: 

transforms an old chest of drawers into a new stunning and functional bench with some woodworking skills and paints. It's a do-it-yourself piece of furniture perfect and cheap for your home! Tutorial, check (Source: Grillo-Designs.com)

12. Filing cupboard with stencil painted in chalk 

a great way to bring an old or boring classifier to a whole new level using Country Chic Chalk. See the tutorial. Take a look (Source: thehappyhousie.porch.com)

13. Do-it-yourself 2 × 4 padded banquet seat 

free step by step plans to build this padded banquet seat. Take a look (Source: ana-white.com)

14. Do-it-yourself coffee table with old window 

transform the old windows you will never use into an elegant and useful table for your living room. Watch the tutorial (Source: martysmusings.net)

15. Do-it-yourself children's desk with kitchen cabinet 

never throw old cabinets next time. Reuse them in a portable desk for your school age child. Take a look (Source: ehow.com)

16. Reconstituted bunk bed with do-it-yourself hangers 

reposition a bunk bed in a small shelf and coat rack. Get the tutorial. Check out
(Source: myrepurposedlife.com)

17. Shelf door of the repurposed wardrobe 

embellish your home with this shelf cabinet door repurposed do-it-yourself, easy to carry out following the tutorial of the image. Check out
(Source: myrepurposedlife.com)

18. Do-it-yourself bottle rack repurposed by Old Dresser 

get the do-it-yourself tutorial. Take a look (Source: thehappyhousewife.com)

19. Do-it-yourself subway tile table Repeat 

turn the old table into this fabulous subway tile table. Check out the instructions. Take a look
(Source: tatertotsandjello.com)

20. Barn Pottery style dresser revival 

an old dresser that was missing from the drawers ... Turn an old dresser into a fantastic toy store for your kids' bedroom. See the tutorial. Take a look (Source: southernrevivals.com)

21. Turn an old toilet into a children's kitchen 

create a fantastic gaming kitchen from an old toilet for your children. Check out
(Source: ehow.com)

22. DIY do-it-yourself table or shelf made by Old Hutch Dresser 

get the tutorial. Take a look (Source: hannahbunker.com)

23. Do-it-yourself coffee table from a suitcase 

watch the step-by-step tutorial. Take a look (Source: shopruche.com)

24. Do-it-yourself bathroom cabinet with drawers for storage 

take an old table from your garage or flea market, trace the sink hole, put a sink in the opening ... now you have this elegant and useful vanity for your bathroom. The drawers below can be an excellent storage solution for your toiletries or other daily supplies. Get the step-by-step tutorial. Take a look (Source: anoregoncottage.com)

25. Do-it-yourself children's shelves made with old Ikea drawers and spice racks 

turn old drawers like this into a creative and stylish shelf for your kids with some white paint and IKEA spice racks. See Check-out instructions
(Source: onthebanksofsquawcreek.com)

26. Magic nightstands that multiply: 

transform a coffee table that you never use into two do-it-yourself bedside tables for your bedroom. What a simple and creative do-it-yourself furniture for your home! See the DIY tutorial. Take a look (Source: thechronicleherald.ca)

27. Do-it-yourself pouf with object holder 

this do-it-yourself pouf is easy to assemble with some cheap wooden boxes and gives you additional seats and storage space at the same time. See the DIY tutorial. Check out
(Source: monmakesthings.com)

28. Pouf with a do-it-yourself drawer 

transform an old drawer into an ottoman for any room in your home! This pouf is not only a great addition to the living room, but also offers a great space for your photo albums, books or other items not used very often. See the do-it-yourself instructions. Take a look
(Source: theownerbuildernetwork.co)

29. Renewal of the old wardrobe 

fresh and elegant do-it-yourself furniture for your home! Super fantastic! Get the do-it-yourself instructions. Check out
(Source: thelovelyresidence.blogspot.com)

30. Do-it-yourself Lego table made with an old table 

transfer an old table you no longer want to use in this Lego table. It's perfect in the game room! See the do-it-yourself instructions. Check out
(Source: fussymonkeybiz.blogspot.com)

31. Renewal of the TV stand 

turn an old wooden dresser into this beautiful TV stand with some white paints and some woodwork! I love this do-it-yourself creative furniture for my home! Get the tutorial. Take a look (Source: handimania.com)

32. Dining chairs spray painted 

refurbishment of furniture with spray paint. Turn the ugly old dining chairs in these wonderful with chalk-based paint! It's easy to do with a bit of manual work and creativity! Take a look (Source: refreshrestyle.com)

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