How to decorate your teenagers bedroom on a budget

Decorating a teenage girl's bedroom does not mean spending a lot of money on new furniture and accessories. All you have to do is choose the appearance and color, buy or change the furniture, and slightly rearrange it and place it. Be creative and can be a big room for you (or your daughter) with a modest budget.

1. Select a theme 

The room theme can be anything from a fairy princess theme to an underwater theme. If you don't want to get hooked on the theme, choose a color theme that consists of two or three integrated colors.

-If you need help choosing which color works, see the color wheel. Depending on the degree of contrast, you can select colors that are close to each other or cross each other on the color wheel.
-You can also choose a colored cloth or art to stimulate color options for the rest of the room.
Keep in mind the theme when purchasing and refilling room items. Everything doesn't have to match exactly, but everything needs to be adjusted.

2. Pay attention to the functions 

Before repairing the room, think about what works for what and what doesn't work. For example, if you don't have a place to study in your room, you can add a desk. If the room feels a respect, you may remove some furniture.

-Measure the room to see exactly how much space you have before buying a new piece. You should walk comfortably around each piece and make sure there is enough space to open all doors and drawers.
-It is recommended that you write these measurements somewhere or store them on your phone. If you find the furniture you need, refer to them.

3. Release and evaluate storage needs 

Clutter can make your room not look the way you want, so look for ways to reduce it.

Donate clothing and other items that are no longer used by local savings stores. You can also sell some items online or at a distributor if you want to spend extra money on the room.
After removing everything you don't need, determine if there is still confusion and if so, decide what to do. Depending on the type of items that need to be stored, shelves, hooks, cabinets, ottomans, etc. may need to be added to the room. Baskets and canvas boxes are also great for eliminating confusion! 
-Reorder furniture, clean rooms, and store unnecessary items in the attic or basement. This makes it easier to see the shape and size of the room.

4. Decorate with photos 

Photos of friends, pets and favorite places can make a wonderful addition to your decoration. Become creative and express yourself with your own photos.

 -Frame multiple photos and multiply them to create a gallery wall.
  Hang a piece of yarn or fishing line with clothespins
 -Print photos on canvas, glass, or canvas.
 -Place photos on a poster board for unique collage photos.
 -Instead of frames, you can upload photos on colored paper and paste them on the wall with double- sided tape.

5. Affix stickers or wall stickers 

Posting to your favorite band or actor is a great way to express your interest. Even better, the wall sticker is a custom wallpaper and won't remove the paint.
The room looks messy, so do not fill it with walls.

6. Create your own art 

You can hang anything on the wall, so use your imagination to create a unique masterpiece!

 -If there are many kinds of guitars and baseball caps, try to show them all together on one wall.
 -Try your hand at drawing on the canvas. Depending on your skill and preference, you can draw realistic pictures and abstract designs.
 -You can create a colorful wall hanging by wrapping the cloth tightly around a cloth or square wood and fastening it with a staple. You can add frames to make your fabric art more dramatic.
 -Purchase wooden parts of various shapes such as circles, letters, stars. Then draw them to suit your appearance and hang them in groups around the room.

7. Identify good quality furniture 

Just because the furniture looks like doesn't mean you need to go! With a little effort, you can make a great change to most of your work, especially with solid wood and metal.

-Solid wood is of higher quality than particle board or MDF.
Make sure all parts are safe and do not wobble. If you find something broken, look for the possibility to fix it.
-Doors and doors must be fully opened and closed.
-Look for tight joints secured with nails or covers. Note the joint that has been named or just glued.
-Metal parts must be secured to each other with adjusted seams so that there are no cracks.

8. Paint the item 

Painting is a relatively quick and easy way to completely change the look of furniture and accessories.

-If you need a glossy finish, consider using spray paint. Choose the right paint for the material you are painting and always use spray paint. Use a spray spray that is fully protected and breathable, preferably on the outside.
-If you need an old look or an old look, try using chalk paint.
-You can also find special paints with metallic or glossy finish. Visit your local home improvement center for inspiration.
-Remember that in addition to furniture you can paint photo frames, lamps, mirrors, trash cans and more. The possibilities are endless!
-You can also paint the fabric! If you have a dull white curtain or pillow bag, you can use a stencil with a fun and colorful design. Make sure you are using the right paint for the fabric.
-You can convert almost anything from furniture to walls to blackboards with a simple blackboard. Unleash your creativity and create custom message boards for your room.

9. Beautify items 

If your furniture doesn't require a complete layer of paint, you can make minor changes that have a significant effect.

-Try the stencil design on the front of the clothes drawer or separate it with colorful fabrics. If you don't want to make a big commitment, you can use a temporary background.
-Change the wardrobe and nightstand knobs to arrange almost any task immediately.
-Use Mod Podge and your favorite texture or patterned paper to give a flat surface like a tablet computer a completely unique look.

10. Create a headboard 

If your bed doesn't have a headboard, consider making your bed the center of the room yourself.

-Hang a cloth or other large piece on the bed to mimic the appearance of the headboard.
-Swipe and fabric wrap the wood pattern and staple it on the back to make the headboard upholstered.
-Hang a horizontal door on the wall above the bed. You can paint with any color.

11. Make curtains, comforter covers and pillows 

These are simple projects and can be created on an existing canvas like paper.

-These projects require some simple and straight stitches. If you really don't like sewing, you can even use iron strips for the meat and foot layers.
-Create a new cover to put an old pillow or if you don't have an old pillow, just fill the new pillow with fluff from a local fabric store.
-Sewing with the zipper is the hardest part of making a pillow, but this is only necessary if you need to wash the cover. You can use buttons, clips, or straps to keep the duvet cover closed.
-If you don't like the chair or sofa cloth, you may want to invest in a cheaper cover than buying new furniture. You can make it yourself, but sewing skills are required.

12. Jazz up the lighting 

If you have a little boring ceiling lamp or luminaire, there are many ways to make them more interesting. Depending on the material, you can paint the base or shade, decorate the shade with garlands and beads, or create a new shade with cloth.

-You can also add creative lighting to your room using a chain of holiday lights.

13. Buy smarter 

There is nothing wrong with buying a new one to decorate the room, but be sure to spend money wisely.

-When purchasing new furniture, make sure the quality lasts longer. I do not want to replace it within a few years.
-Don't spend a lot of money on the very trendy work that can result. Instead, make sure that the basic parts are very versatile and can be used even if your lifestyle changes. Inexpensive accessories such as pillowcases and curtains can be fashioned as you wish.

14. Pay attention to your lifestyle 

When buying furniture, it is important to think about how to plan the use of the room. For example, if you have a lot of friends, make sure you have enough seats. If you have a lot of clothes and don't have enough space for the closet, be sure to look for items that can be stored.

-If you don't have enough space, consider looking for multipurpose furniture. For example, several cubic Ottoman empires can provide seating and storage. If you like the sofa in your room and don't have space for both the sofa and bed, consider buying a daybed that looks like a seating area.

15. Position the furniture correctly 

There are no absolute rules on how to place furniture, but there are some useful guidelines.

-Do not place all furniture on the wall. If there is a seating area, carry the seats facing each other
-You should also consider the color when placing furniture and accessories. Instead of placing all the color elements on one wall, try spreading the accent colors throughout the room.
-Create a focus. For bedrooms, this is usually a bed and should be fixed to a headboard, a large piece of art, or a wall with colorful accents.
-Prepare a dedicated area for each activity you plan to perform in the room, such as studying. This will help you stay more organized and make better decisions when purchasing furniture.

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