5 Bedroom Decor Mistakes to Avoid

If you believe that your bedroom decor disappoints you and you don't look like the impressive and amazing room you would like it to be, maybe you're making one of these 4 mistakes that are common but easily solved.

1. Error in the decoration of the bedroom: it is noisy here

Bold colors like reds, yellows or oranges can be too intense and high-energy for the bedroom. You want your bedroom to be surprising, even dramatic, but you don't want it to keep you awake.

Reds, yellows and oranges are so vital that they will keep you awake at night instead of calming you down and relaxing into a deep sleep. The shades of gray / blue are better in the bedroom and will help you sleep faster.

If you are not a fan of the blue or gray look on the earth or in neutral tones to create a perfect and peaceful space for the bedroom.

2. Error in the decoration of the bedroom: symmetry and balance

The two traditional tables and a bed in the central layout are a common mistake. This arrangement, with all the furniture against a wall, makes the room feel lopsided.

The other side of the bedroom seems empty, empty and even redundant. Instead, it creates a sense of balance. Add additional furniture, a reading corner, a seating area or a mirror will help you balance your room.

3. Error in the decoration of the bedroom: Oops! No privacy

The open windows could tell you when the sun is rising, but everyone in the neighborhood will have an uninterrupted view in your bedrooms.

If you value your privacy, add window treatments. There are many fantastic window designs to update your windows.

4. Error in the decoration of the bedroom: create a space to sleep not a relaxing space

With all the other decorating priorities, the bedroom can become a place to sleep, store clothes and nothing else. You rarely spent more time than necessary, because it is not built for relaxation. In 2019, this approach is all wrong.

With a busy life and program, the bedroom is the perfect place where you should retire. Build a reading corner, a sofa bed or a sitting area. It should be soothing, relaxing and I can't wait to spend time there.

Add things that create a welcoming atmosphere. It could be textures, fabrics, works of art or plants. Your room will appear enriched, rounded and full of a calm personality!

5. Error in the decoration of the bedroom: ultra bright lights

The bedrooms often have bright lights or insufficient lighting to complete the activities. Bright lights are perfect for homework, but they are not that big to help you fall asleep.

On the other hand, a bedroom with very little bedroom lighting is difficult to use and makes it impossible to find clothes, wear makeup or wear makeup or read almost impossible.

If your lights are too bright, change the bulbs from a bright white light to a softer light.

Adding lamps nearby and standing spread the light into the room and make it the relaxing haven you want and need

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