Holiday Decorating Ideas

Don't feel a thrill of excitement when you think of setting up Christmas decorations? There are no rules that require your rooms to be decorated, but before you get rid of the garlands and bunches of cranberries, read some tips on how to make your decorated holiday an easier and more enjoyable process.

Tips for classy furnishings

1. Try some less standard colors of the season, such as silver and white.
2. You can also opt for frosted rather than shiny ornaments
colors that attract you.
3. If you still want to incorporate red and green, try making one of the colors darker.
4. Try to avoid overdoing it and let simplicity be your guide when putting decorations.
5. Repetition can be very effective: the same crown hanging on each window, the same candle that covers the mantle and tables and other repetitions can make the decor very attractive.
6. Choose a general theme for your home or at least for each room so that all your decorations bind for a cohesive feeling.

Tight budget? Focus on do-it-yourself

1. Try wrapping the empty boxes with paper and remaining ribbons for display, which will look festive and cost you almost nothing.
2. Instead of buying new Christmas decorations, take some ribbons and bows and place them on what you already have - throw pillows, photo frames, vases, candles, lampshades, piles of books, etc.
3. Decorate your windows - or even your Christmas tree - with the greeting cards you think you receive from friends and family.
4. Take a walk in nature and collect pine cones that you can spray with paint and roll in glitter for delicious and convenient holiday displays, from centerpieces to garlands to vases. You can find many pine cones in Clifton Park at this time of year!
5. Ask friends or relatives to deliver the ornaments or decorations they are tired of this year. Often, one person's trash is another's treasure!

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